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A.T.U -Anti Terrorist Unit

A.T.U is a group from APB:R.We fight to mantain the order in San Paro, a very dangerous city where you don`t know what lies near the corner.Everything can go from silence to chaos in a blink of an eye.That`s why we are here, our clan if formed out of dedicated people(enforcers) who risk theyre lifes to protect others.We learned to always prepare for the worst and never let our guard down...

We always put teamwork, courage and power when we head to battle the enemy.We are not invincible, but when we lose we watch the things this way:We gained more experienced, facing a better enemy trained us, next time we will know who we have to face and we will come back prepared for revenge.We are ex-SAS soliders, but now we returned in our hometown, San Paro, to protect it against this unusual wave of criminals and terrorists...That`s why we have soliders and patrols in all districts, but we can`t do all by our own, so we are always looking for other friendly enforcer clans to help us out, or to help eachother.We are always looking to form and alliance for even bigger power, strengh is numbers.
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